April 2, 2024

Rockingham County Tax Administration and Piner Appraisal have completed the 2024 reappraisal of real property.

The North Carolina General Statutes require all 100 counties to reappraise real property at least every 8 years. Due to the extreme market rates reported over the last few years, Rockingham County saw it best to schedule the reappraisal ahead of the requirement to ensure fair property value for everyone.

Piner Appraisal was hired by the County to assist in this project and conducted field work. Appraisers completed this revaluation by visiting every property within the County to verify or update the information we have on real estate. In addition to field work, Piner Appraisal analyzed the real estate market, gathered construction cost information and researched sales since the last reappraisal in 2019.

The Rockingham County Board of Commissioners, City Councils, Town Councils and Fire Districts will set the effective tax rate by July 1, 2024. The new tax rate will be determined based on the 2024 values found in this most recent reappraisal process.

Please refer to the 2024 Real Estate Assessed Value notice you received either by mail or email for your new property tax value. The notice also explains the appeal process should you question your new property value. No appeals will be scheduled by telephone.

We’d like to take this time to remind you of a few exemptions including the Disabled Veterans Exclusion and the Homestead Exclusion. These allow for tax relief options for those who are a totally Disabled Veteran, reach the age requirement and/or meet the income threshold. For more information regarding exemptions, and to see if you qualify, please call Robin Jones in our Tax Office at 336-342-8250.

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